Get cooking with halogen power for delicious meals

A halogen oven is a great choice for your kitchen if you want to prepare tasty meals in super quick time.

These handy self-contained units are all the rage in the UK - they are simple to use and can save you time and money in the kitchen.

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The idea behind the design of this innovative type of microwave was based on using heat emitted from a halogen lamp to cook food.

The oven operates with a heating chamber where the food is placed in a bowl made of clear glass. 

The clear glass acts as an easy and fast heating conductor, as well as allowing the operator of the oven to watch and cook their food to their desired tastes.

To use the halogen oven you simply place the food onto either the low or high cooking rack and then place this into the unit's large glass bowl.

You can even use the device with any cooking tin, bowl, plate or dish in your kitchen, and then you simply set the timer to the recommended time for the food you plan to cook.

These compact ovens cook just as quickly as a microwave ovens and just as evenly as conventional ovens. 

A microwave oven does not actually create heat and instead cooks food from the inside out by using short radio waves which cause rapid movement of molecules inside the foodstuff which generate heat.

A halogen oven, on the other hand, generates a huge amount of heat from the device itself - within seconds of turning the device on you will the halogen ring, which is filled with inert halogen gas, in the lid burning brightly.

The heating chamber often consists of multiple metal racks which helps with cooking more than one type of food at the same time. 

Inside the assembly there is a circular halogen lamp, a temperature control interface, a fan, an automatic shut off timer and other temperature controls.

A simple on/off switch turns on the halogen lamp inside which generates waves of high density infrared light to heat the air within the chamber.

The fan inside helps the heated air to be evenly distributed throughout the chamber so that food gets cooked to perfection.

The innovative halogen oven makes use of the very latest technology to cook food in a quicker time than your normal oven or cooker, and it also cooks much more evenly than a microwave oven.

These compact ovens offer significant benefits when it comes to healthy eating due to the fact they don't require the addition of oil or fat during the cooking process. 

The halogen heating element gets up to cooking temperature almost instantly allowing your food to start cooking as soon as the unit is switched on.

You can use the halogen oven for almost anything which you would usually cook in a microwave or standard oven including chicken, roast meat joints, burgers, vegetables, pizzas, casseroles, curries, stews, jacket potatoes - and much more.

The first ever halogen oven was designed in 1995 by a undergraduate student in Computer Science attending school at University of Iowa, United States. 

But a pool of brainiacs helped finished the product before it was ready to be marketed.

A halogen oven is a handy home cooking appliance for people living in small studio apartments or flats who want to create scrumptious meals without the extra power consumption of a normal cooker. 

They are very popular with students living in rented accommodation and are a great option for elderly people who no longer wish to use a traditional oven or cooker.

These compact ovens are also used by families on camping holidays where they have the option to hook up to a source of electricity. 

They are also handy if touring in a caravan or motorhome with family or friends. They are also widely used in cafes and restaurants throughout the UK.

Low on cost - but really big on taste!

A halogen oven may look like a low-tech gadget but it is guaranteed to revolutionize the way you cook and takes up much less space than a conventional microwave oven. 

This type of oven enables you to cook food faster without compromising on taste - and its cost effectiveness means it can help to cut your electricity bills too.

Defrosting is very quick and easy in a halogen oven by using the low temperature thaw setting and the process does not leave any hot or cold spots. 

Roasting, grilling or baking is carried out very evenly to deliver very impressive results.

Halogen ovens can be used for grilling, defrosting, steam boiling, baking, broiling and roasting - so what you can cook in it is only limited by your imagination.

Speed is a key bonus with a halogen oven - it can take three times less to prepare a meal than with a traditional oven. 

For example, you can cook beef ribs in 20 minutes. Simple fruit based desserts can be cooked very fast and easy too. 

You can also use your oven to make a pie, roast a chicken, make sauce or stew – all in around 15 or 20 minutes.

These oven are very energy efficient indeed and use around half the power of conventional ovens. 

Using a halogen oven is simplicity itself and needs little or no previous cooking experience.

Because all the cooking takes place in a transparent glass container, you can watch your food cook second by second. 

This is great for allowing you to monitor the cooking process to ensure everything is going smoothly.

For your safety, these ovens come with an automatic kill switch feature which is triggered when you open the lid.
Cleaning the oven bowl is very easy. It can easily be detached from the unit cleaned in a sink or dishwasher. 

There is also a self-cleaning option - just pour some water into the bowl and turn on the oven for 10 minutes after selecting the wash setting . 

The oven will then clean itself in about 10 minutes using the heat of the halogen element and the inbuilt fan, and when finished will be clean and ready for use next time.

If you wish you can also give the oven a quick once over with a cleaning spray and cloth.
Using a halogen oven is also a healthy way to prepare food. The heat design mechanism drains all the unnecessary fats in your food. 

The oven design helps cook food with minimum use of extra oils that are often needed when cooking with conventional appliances.

Halogen ovens are also very useful when it comes to reheating left over foods. 

They are also great for heating up pasties, donuts or pies which would become soggy in a microwave.

The benefits of a halogen oven are really appealing, especially for people who live alone - they are a quick and easy way to cook, your meals will cost less to prepare when it comes to electricity and your kitchen won't become hot and uncomfortable when preparing a meal.

If you are single and want to cook a healthy meal, rather than fast food alternatives, a halogen oven makes a lot of sense - it's just not economical using a full-sized oven for making one-person meals.

A real eye opener when you invest in a halogen oven is how well they cook meats, veggie dishes and even the pizzas - things you just can't prepare as successfully and tasty in a microwave oven.

These ovens are small, fast, easy to clean, super energy efficient and are perfect for singles or couples who wish to cook without the hassle involved in using a full-size conventional gas or electric oven or stove top.

You really do get the best of both worlds - they can cook as fast as a microwave but can brown your food in the same way a normal oven can. 

As mentioned earlier, a microwave cooks food by bombarding the food with microwaves and heating the food from the inside out.  

Hence there is no heat emitted of by the microwave and that's why it's unable to brown food or make it firm and crusty. 

The lamp inside a halogen oven powers up to create an instant and intense heat, and this in turn cooks your food just like a normal oven.

Halogen ovens really do save you a lot of time to get on other activities in your life. 

They are just so convenient and can be used at any location which has an electrical outlet - you can even take one outdoors when you are holding a barbecue. Not something that's an option with a standard oven!

The healthy aspect is also a key benefit -  food you would normally fry comes out tasting great - without the oil.

Another great benefit is the fact there is no pre-heating or thawing needed when you begin cooking - just place your food in the halogen oven and away you go!

A halogen device isn't magical so if you're not great at cooking in a conventional oven, the same recipes aren’t going to suddenly taste stunning in a halogen oven. 

If you have limited cooking skills it's probably worth buying a book with a variety of halogen oven recipes - this will help you get the best results from the device.

You'll be amazed at the range of foods that turn out truly scrumptious in a halogen oven - full chickens turn out golden brown and yet not dry.

It's fair to say most meats turn are delicious when cooked in these innovative devices - but without the fuss and mess associated with standard full-size ovens. 

You even get crackling on your pork joints when using a halogen. Steaks can be prepared to perfection and even bacon comes out just the way you want it - that's something you won't achieve in a microwave!

Burgers and hot dogs are a real winner when cooked in a halogen oven and baked potatoes are far tastier than they are when microwaved.

Frozen foods can usually be cooked right out of your freezer - so there's no need to leave them defrosting beforehand..

Prices for these fantastic little devices range from around £25 for a cheap model to more than £50 for a top of the range model with additional features and spare bulbs. 

The most common capacities for these ovens is 12 and 17 litres.

With their energy saving benefits you should be able to recover the cost of the oven quite quickly, by way of a reduction in your electricity bills.

Some halogen ovens can be fitted with an air fryer attachment which allows you took cook chips and other foodstuffs in the way your would with a traditional oil-filled deep fat fryer - however an air fryer does the frying minimal oil! It works by using revolutionary Rapid Air Technology to circulate air at 200c around food.

Other handy accessories featured here which can be used with a halogen oven include cooking extender racks for cooking larger items such as a whole chicken, a compact rice steamer and the popular full English breakfast rack which has sections for your eggs, sausages, bacon, hash browns and a toast rack.

Benefits of a Halogen Oven

As you can see there are dozens of great benefits to owning a halogen oven. To recap, here's a reminder of a few of them:

• A really healthy way to cook

• Heat distributed evenly throughout the oven so there are no hot and cold spots, unlike microwaves

• Cut down on you electric bills due to lower running costs

• It's not necessary to add additional fats or oils when cooking. Fats arising from food during cooking is drained away.

• Nearly all the nutrients and flavour of the food is retained in this type of oven.

• Many halogen ovens have a self cleaning feature

• Can cook up to times faster than a conventional oven

• Much easier and quicker to clean than a conventional oven

• Faster to cook using a variety of cooking techniques
• Doesn't make a kitchen hot and stuffy in the summer months like a standard oven does

• These ovens are very portable

• Variable temperature meaning you are less likely to overcook or burn food

• The oven can be used as an overflow oven when throwing a dinner party

• Easily stored away when not in use

• Ideal for people living along such as students in flat accommodation

• Takes up little room on units

• Can be easily transported to locations where these is a mains socket such as caravans

We also bring you a range of useful cook books which are packed with tips and ideas for meals to try out in a halogen oven.

You'll fall in love with a halogen oven soon after buying one - it's a purchase you certainly won't regret.

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